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    My 30-Day Skin Care Treatment

    • 1 min read

    I began using the Lorna Vanderhaeghe (now Smart Solutions) products because I have suffered from redness most of my life, and I had seen some of their clients’ transformations and they were too good to not try myself!

    I used the GLA Oil, applied Celadrin (now Skinsmart) Cream twice a day to the affected area, and two scoops of Active Collagen a day. After 30 days with this routine the redness of my skin had almost completely faded and I feel much more confident about my natural skin tone!

    It’s much more even now and I can actually see my freckles coming back out. I've continued using the products since, but half the dosing as to what I was and the results have maintained.


    -R.A, Popeye's Supplements Kanata