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    Beautysmart with Collagen


    • Source of essential amino acids for the maintenance of good health
    • Source of branched chain amino acids for the maintenance of good health
    • Excellent source of protein which helps build and repair body tissues
    • Includes antibiotic free whey protein isolate

    Beautysmart contains a unique combination of whey protein isolate and marine based collagen which work synergistically to build and repair body tissue.

    Product Information

    Our body requires protein to rebuild and repair the body's tissues. Of the 20 amino acids required to support protein production, 9 are made by the liver and the remaining 11 must be obtained from our food. All 9 of these essential amino acids are found in high quality whey protein.

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It plays a vital role in the health of connective tissue, bones, muscles, skin and tendons. Collagen production is highest in our youth and naturally declines with age. Collagen formation is supported through amino acids and nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc. Collagen depletion is accelerated over time when exposed to stressors such as sugar, UV rays and smoking.

    Why Take Beautysmart?

    Beautysmart is a perfect combination of nutrients to support a healthy body and beautiful skin. Perfect for any women who is looking for extra protein and collagen to support tissue repair and support beautiful hair, skin and nails.

    Suggested Use

    Add 1 scoop (32g) to 250ml of water, yogurt, or blend into a smoothie to taste.


    Each Scoop Contains:

    Nutritional Information

    Serving size 1 scoop (32 g) % Daily Value
    Calories 120
    Fat 0.2 g 1%



    0.2 g

    0 g


    Hydrolyzed collagen

    (Hydrolyzed marine collagen and elastin polypeptides) (Standardized to 85% collagen and 5% elastin) (wild fish)

    2 g



    Whey Protein Isolate 20.25 g
    Sodium 90 mg 4%
    Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
    Carbohydrates 9 g
    Fibre 1 g 4%
    Sugar 0g 0%
    Xylitol 8 g
    Proteins 21 g
    Potassium 7 mg 2%
    Calcium 75 mg 6%
    Iron 0.1 mg 1%

    Amino Acid Profile

    Serving size 1 scoop Amount
    Alanine 105 g
    Arginine 0.66 g
    Aspartic Acid 1.98 g
    Cysteine 0.38 g
    Glutamic Acid 3.41 g
    Glycine 0.72 g
    Histidine * 0.34 g
    Isoleucine*† 1.06 g
    Leucine*† 1.99 g
    Lysine 1.77 g
    Methionine* 0.43 g
    Phenylalanine* 0.61 g
    Proline 1.28 g
    Serine 0.98 g
    Threonine* 1.30 g
    Tryptophan* 0.30 g
    Tyrosine 0.53 g
    Valine*† 1.09 g
    Hydroxylysine** 0.03 g
    Hydroxyproline** 0.20 g

    *Essential Amino Acids

    †Branched chain amino acids (BCAA)

    **Unique in Collagen

    Also Contains

    Natural vanilla flavour, xylitol, xanthan gum, stevia.

    This product does not contain artificial preservatives or sweeteners; no gluten, GMOs, wheat, antibiotics. GLUTEN-FREE.

    Key Ingredients

    Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen from wild-caught fish provides the protein components needed to help build and repair body tissue, while giving skin the building blocks to retain its moisture-holding qualities. The process of hydrolysis reduces the long chains of amino acids into smaller peptides, making them more absorbable and usable by the body.

    Whey protein isolate is a casein-free and lactose-free protein fraction of cow's milk. Protein is critical for the growth, maintenance and repair within all body systems.