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    New Look, Same Great Formulas

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    Introducing the NEW LOOK & NEW NAME of Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions!

    New Look!


    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions has a NEW LOOKand a NEW NAME!Smart Solutions is a modernized update to the iconic line of supplements that has been helping women achieve optimal health for over 10 years.

    Our look may be changing, but our formulas are not! You can still find all of your favourite products within the Smart Solutions line.


    Same Products, New Names!

    The following product names were changed to help with product differentiation, consistency throughout the line, and to help you quickly find which product is right for you.

    Old Name New Name
     ESTROsmart plus  Cyclesmart
    CALA-Q plus Omega3+CoQ10
    CELADRIN Skinsmart
    ACTIVE COLLAGEN* capsules ActiveCollagen +
    CLA plus CLA+
    MENOsmart plus Menosmart+
    PROBIOTIC plus Probiotic+

    Now in Product Categories!

    Product Categories


    Women look to Smart Solutions for support to balance hormones and increase vitality. Modern stressors can throw off the delicate balance of the endocrine system, causing unwanted symptoms of period problems, weight gain, fatigue and a poor response to stress. Our line of hormone support products work to gently bring the body’s natural rhythms back into balance.


    Foundational nutrients are essential to optimum health, and women often have a greater risk of specific nutrient deficiencies than men. Deficiencies in key nutrients can lead to varied symptoms and declining health. Smart Solutions ensures adequate intake of these essential nutrients to support full body systems.


    The health and beauty of your skin directly reflects your inward health. Smart Solutions for skin addresses both age related nutrient decline and underlying inflammatory issues; supplying vital nutrients that can restore your natural beauty. It’s important to realize that what you put in your body can help improve your skin health, not just want you put on it.


    Smart Solutions support products offer next-level solutions and work well as complimentary products to our other main categories.


    Sound sleep and optimum brain function are key components of both physical and mental health. The nutrients contained in Smart Solutions for brain health support sleep and focus so that you can be at your best.

    Digestion & Weight Management:

    Smart Solutions weight management and digestive health products are a perfect addition to your health regime. Clinically proven ingredients work to support digestive health and assist with reaching your weight management goals.

     Better Health Begins with Smart Solutions

    Smart Solutions has been a leader in women’s health, empowering them to reach their optimal wellness for over 10 years. Founded by women’s health expert, Lorna Vanderhaeghe, this line of natural supplements provides effective solutions to common health concerns including hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, weight management, sleep issues, stress, and more.

     Lorna Vanderhaeghe

    “I am excited that my products are getting a new name and fresh, new look. Your favourite formulas have not changed, just the look. I hope you love the packaging as much as I do. I am pleased to continue supporting you in your quest for health and developing new products that augment the Smart Solutions product line for women of all ages.”

    - Lorna Vanderhaeghe