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    Strengthen the health of your hair and nails

    • 1 min read

    Written by Angela Ysseldyk CNP, BA

    Are you looking to strengthen the health of your hair and nails? We have some tips for you!

    1) Ensure your digestion is on point.

    Malabsorption is a common issue people face whereby their body does not digest nutrients effectively. If this is a prolonged issue it can result in symptoms such as thinning hair and nails that break easily1

    2) Incorporate collagen into your routine. 

    Collagen is an important nutrient to consider when wanting to strengthen hair and nails. Adding in supportive nutrients that support the health of your hair like Collagen Plus is a great starting point. Consuming collagen from fish is another great option, to ensure your body has the building blocks to make strong hair and nails.

    3) Consume protein.

    Getting in enough protein is vital for strong hair and nails. A common symptom of protein deficiency is thinning hair and fragile nails. We suggest adding in a protein powder like Beautysmart with Active Collagen for the synergistic effect of protein and collagen.



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