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    We are TRU-ID® Certified!

    Written by Smart Solutions 

    Smart Solutions provides the purest and most effective products in Canada to address women's health issues. The Certified Authentic TRU-ID® logo you see on the front of our herbal and probiotic supplements is a sign to support this and represents the latest in DNA technology. All living organisms have DNA including bacteria, plants and animals. DNA testing traces the active ingredients and probiotic strains right back to their specific living origins, thus certifying their authenticity. This means that when you see the TRU-ID® logo, you can trust that what’s listed on the label of your favorite herbal and probiotic supplements, is what you’re actually getting inside the bottle. 

    TRU-ID® is the world’s 1st certification program founded on cutting edge DNA biotechnology, in support of businesses who seek authentic ingredients. TRU-ID® is an independent, University of Guelph based certification program that uses the latest in DNA technology to verify the correct identity of the plant species or bacteria strain declared on the label.

    The following Smart Solutions products are TRU-ID® certified for ingredient authenticity. TRU-ID® verifies the authenticity and potency of the ingredient and quality of the product.

    Look for the TRU-ID® logo, which this certifies that the ingredients listed on the label are actually in the products. This guarantees the purest ingredients in your product.