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    What Are Hormones?

    • 1 min read

    Written by the Smart Solutions Education Team

    Hormones are chemicals that carry messages from glands to cells within tissues or organs in the body through the bloodstream. We have receptors all over our body to receive important messages from these hormones.

    These special messengers control most of the body functions right from primary needs (like hunger) to complex systems and functions (like reproduction and emotions).

    Hormones dictate whether you are happy or sad, to your energy levels, metabolism, sleep quality and how your skin looks and your mood. They are POWERFUL!

    Hormones are responsible for:

    • Growth and development
    • Metabolism – how your body get energy from the foods you eat
    • Sexual function
    • Reproduction
    • Mood

    Many organs and glands are responsible for supporting hormones. This includes receiving hormone messages, supporting hormone function (manufacturing, delivering and converting) well as detoxification of hormones.