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    Written by Dr. Filza Swalah, ND

    Always read the product label to know if the product is right for you and consult your health care practitioner when combining supplements.

    The first step towards health and wellness is to create a supplement plan that addresses all your health concerns. But sometimes it can be confusing. Questions like: “Can I take these two together? Am I getting too much of one nutrient over the other?” often arise and can actually prevent you from taking the supplements. It’s time to clear the confusion! Also, it’s always a good idea to speak with your health care practitioner to see if the products are right for you.

    Here are six commonly asked questions when it comes to combining your favourite Smart Solutions products.

    1. Can I take Magnesium Bisglycinate with Thyrosmart?

    Yes, absolutely! Thyrosmart is formulated to support thyroid health.1 The key ingredients in Thyrosmart, which helps support thyroid function, are minerals like copper, manganese, iodine, selenium, and thyroid loving herbs like Ashwagandha and guggal. Thyrosmart does not contain any magnesium so taking Smart Solutions Magnesium Bisglycinate can be beneficial in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, maintaining proper muscle function and electrolyte balance.

    2. Can I take Ironsmart and Adrenasmart together?

    Yes, you can! Ironsmart and Adrenasmart address and support different systems and functions in the body. Let’s start with Ironsmart, which provides a key mineral and helps to form red blood cells along with maintaining energy levels. Iron deficiency is really common since it can be difficult to get it diet alone. So, taking Ironsmart can really help prevent deficiency.  

    Now Adrenasmart helps how our body deals with stress. It contains stress-busting herbs like Rhodiola, Suma and Ashwagandha that works brilliantly to offer your body the much-needed support it desperately needs. Adrenasmart is formulated to help relieve symptoms of mental fatigue related to stress and supports cognitive function, physical and mental stamina, and helps to temporarily relieve symptoms of stress. Adrenasmart is not recommended for pregnant women and if you are breastfeeding, please consult a health are practitioner before use.

    So, in summary, taking Ironsmart prevents iron deficiency and Adrenasmart helps with stress management.

    3. Can I take Ironsmart and Multismart?

    Yes, you can! Multismart is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula with additional supportive nutrients like fennel seed, lutein, and citrus bioflavonoids. It doesn’t contain iron! The World Health Organization predicts that 1/3 of all women of reproductive age are anemic3 making iron deficiency a significantly bigger problem for the female population. Why is that? Because during menstrual cycles, many women are prone to heavy periods that cause significant blood loss and, in turn, lower iron levels.4 In addition to the female period, women can also struggle with anemia during pregnancy due to higher iron requirements.4One easy way to get the iron you need is with Ironsmart! Each capsule contains 15 mg of elemental iron and is non-constipating! If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.

    4. Can I take ActiveCollagen+ capsules and Collagen Plus together?

    Both ActiveCollagen+ capsules and Collagen Plus provide different & unique ingredients which can be taken together! Active Collagen+ capsules provide marine collagen peptide complex and elastin which helps to reduce the number of wrinkles after 28 days! Collagen plus, on the other hand, contains nutrients like biotin and silicon which boosts natural collagen production and supports smooth skin, thick hair, and strong nails. So Active Collagen+ capsules add the collagen that has been lost through natural aging, and Collagen Plus helps your bodies natural collagen production!

    5. Can I take Cyclesmart and Estrosmart together?

    You don’t need to! Cyclesmart has the same ingredients as Estrosmart with the addition of Vitex & zinc. Vitex has been used in traditional herbal medicine to support menstrual irregularities and Cyclesmart also helps with relieving PMS symptoms.5 Aside from Vitex, Cyclesmart also contains all the liver supporting herbs Estrosmart has like Calcium D-glucarate, Indole-3-carbinol and Diindolylmethane. If you are looking for general estrogen-to-progesterone balance, supporting liver detoxification and controlling breast pain, Estrosmart is your best bet If you need all that plus more to stabilize irregular menstrual cycles, Cyclesmart is what you need!

    6. Can I take Menosmart and Cyclesmart together?

    When choosing natural health products, focus in on the symptoms you most wish to address and review the product benefits associated with the product you are interested in. Due to the overlap of ingredients and potential benefits we suggest choosingCyclesmart  or Menosmart+ for your personal health goals. In addition to the same benefits of Estrosmart, the Cyclesmart formula contains chastetree berry extract (vitex) and zinc for extra support to stabilize menstrual cycle irregularities. Chastetree is also found in the Menosmart+ formula however, benefits of Menosmart+ are more strongly associated with the symptoms of menopause such as night sweats and hot flashes. 


    You may wish to choose one product at a time to use for a trial period and assess potential benefits to your concerns before adding or switching to another product. After a trial period to observe the effects of your new health care regimen you may find other symptoms have changed as well. At that time, you may wish to consider changes to supplementation and/or additional changes to your diet and lifestyle.

    Please do review caution labels and consult your trusted health care practitioner as needed. It is always recommended to consult with a trusted health care practitioner regarding the use of natural health products, particularly where complex herbal formulations and specific health concerns are involved. In addition to careful choices your health care practitioner can help to ascertain the root cause of your symptoms and suitable treatment.


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