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    A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones

    SMARTnutrients for women

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones Book

    Natural treatments for all hormone conditions

    Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, MS 
    A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones helps you understand how your hormones affect every system in the body. When your hormones are balanced, you have energy, you sleep well, your skin glows and you feel vibrant. When hormones are disrupted, acne, heavy periods, uterine fibroids, breast lumps, PMS, weight gain and hair loss can occur. A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones helps you understand how to safely use bioidentical hormones. This book also teaches you how food and nutrients can be used to naturally balance estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and more.



    A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones is packed with simple, honest advice on how to reclaim your passion for life through hormone balance. Lorna and Dr.Pettle explain how too much stress, low thyroid, inadequate nutrition and other factors affect hormone balance and how to quickly achieve optimal health and vitality. 

    This book helps you discover:

    • How to stop hot flashes and night sweats
    • How stress affects weight gain
    • How to treat endometriosis, PMS, fibroids, breast lumps, ovarian cysts, PCOS and more
    • How to achieve deep restful sleep
    • The secret to beautiful skin
    • How to stop hair loss
    • How to make periods effortless
    • Whether you need bioidentical hormones
    • How thyroid hormones affect every body system
    • The secret to halting bladder incontinence
      ...and so much more.

    "A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones is an easy-to-read yet comprehensive guide that highlights the importance of lifestyle and nutrition in optimizing hormone health. We applaud the authors' dedication and passion for empowering women with knowledge.
    An excellent read."
    - Drs. Nishi Dhawan, MD, CCFP, and Bal Pawa, B.Pharm, MD,
    Westcoast Women's Clinic for Hormone Health